About Us

At Kahnfections, we make classic breakfast pastries, including croissants, scones, biscuits and single-serve quiches, as well as fun treats like cookies, bars, and brownies. You can count on us for gluten-free pastries, too.

We’re known for our hot biscuit sandwiches that you can customize with your choice of fillings and condiments, but look for salads and a homemade vegetarian soup. We also serve coffee from Verve Coffee Roasters and European-style hot chocolate with a house-made marshmallow.

For our four-footed friends, there’s always a fresh supply of water on the sidewalk patio and house-made dog biscuits available individually or by the bag. We love bicyclists, and we’re a popular destination among local cyclists on their way to work on the Peninsula.


about judy kahn

Kahnfections’ founder Judy Kahn started her career in theater ticketing and, while she was great at her job, she couldn’t get over the nagging feeling that it wasn’t right for her. Turning to a predilection for baking that started as a youth, Judy decided to enroll in professional pastry classes at Tante Marie’s Cooking School in San Francisco, where she found her true calling.

After graduating, Judy interned at Tartine and with pastry chef Mutsumi Takehara. Kahn then assisted in the opening of the highly anticipated Sandbox Bakery – from the creation of the menu to managing the kitchen. She was there for three years before venturing out on her own.

Judy had always envisioned owning her own bakery, and when it was time to strike out on her own, she dusted off a name that her sister-in-law had once proposed: Kahnfections. Initially, Kahnfections operated out of a commercial kitchen, but the business grew quickly and Judy was able to open her own bakery in the Mission District May 2017. She is joined by her husband, Mark Kahn, who helps run operations.

Judy can often be found in the bakery’s tiny production kitchen devising a new recipe or customizing a cake for a customer. Mark is likely to be working the cash register at the café or in the field delivering Judy’s freshly made creations to a retail account or local customer.